Tuesday, April 3, 2012

As a mother…

As a mother you must learn to set things aside.  Set the laundry aside.  Set cleaning the kitchen aside.  All these things can wait.  However, what cant wait is the valuable time spent with your little ones.  They grow up so fast.  So today, I set the “to do” list aside and engaged in some old fashion shaving cream fun with my kids. I let them go wild.  Shaving cream splattered everywhere.  But I did not worry about it.  Instead, I listened to the squeals and the true joy in their voices and had fun.

IMG_0100 IMG_0103 IMG_0104 IMG_0105

Friday, March 9, 2012

It started with “The Foot Book”

At school, Kayla asked if she could read “The Foot Book” to a DIFFERENT kindergarten class in celebration of Dr. Seuss's Birthday.  The teacher agreed to let her.  She was so excited.  I was excited for her and very proud.  Not a glimpse of fear or shyness.  She walked in confident.  She sat down in the “big teacher chair” and read out loud to the 19 kids looking on.  I told her for doing such a great job and to celebrate Dr Seuss's Birthday, I would make green eggs and ham (well actually bacon).


What I did not know (or imagine) was that my kids would actually like green eggs and would constantly ask for them.  So now we make it a monthly thing…but not just green eggs.  No, my kids have decided that if we can make green, then we can make rainbow eggs.


(Yes that is disgusting.  We will not be making blue eggs again.  I can handle the green, the pink, and the purple but not the blue).

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Our Valentine’s Day celebrations started on Sunday the 13th with Jon and I going out.  We ate at one of our favorite sushi restaurants. (YUM!!)  After a Chocolate Martini, a volcano roll, a spicy tuna roll and several other rolls, we headed over to a local bar and played some arcade games.  Jon and I tried to play “Just Dance”. And it was a disaster!!!  Surprisingly I won but not by much.  Jon then proceeded to beat me in Basketball and Safari Hunt.  (I guess I see where our kids get there gaming skills).

The next day was time to create Valentine’s Day cards and make 28 cupcakes for school parties.  The kids’ Valentines Day cards turned out super cute (and there was no fighting and whining over what type of candy or cards they were going to choose…Mommy made the choice.)

Kayla val 2012 christian val 2012 (Imagine a real sucker in their hand).

Finally, Valentine’s Day.  My intentions were to start the day off with heart shaped pancakes or some type of cute Valentine’s Day breakfast.  But, this meant I would have to wake up earlier then normal.  So, that did not happen.  Instead, I made chocolate chip muffins (their favorite).

Christian’s Party

Kayla’s Party (Kayla did not want me to take any pictures…really doesn't she know better by now.)

I hope everyone one had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Soccer Time…

Christian could not wait for soccer to begin.  Kayla was so excited that her friend was on the same team.  Since soccer has started, the kids wake up Saturday mornings ready to go.  We love indoor soccer.  The kids love the activity.  Christian has the biggest grin on his face every time he runs down the court chasing the ball.  Kayla is our little defender.  She enjoys blocking and setting the ball up for a score.  Mommy loves indoor soccer since practice and games are all on the same day.Kayla’s First Game

IMG_7419 _MG_7415 _MG_7426 _MG_7435 _MG_7475


Christian’s First Game

_MG_7479IMG_7449_MG_7450_MG_7466   _MG_7432

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

What a wonderful Christmas…6 celebrations with family and friends.  We were ALL exhausted once the celebrations ended.  Overall, a great Christmas.  I enjoyed time with the family.  I enjoyed the week vacation with my husband.  I enjoyed relaxing, watching and listening to the laughter. 

Christmas eve, it was a late night for Mr. and Mrs. Clause (they stayed up until 3am putting together a doll house, a doll bed and a marble run).  Thank goodness the kids decided to sleep until 8am.  The kids were surprised to see all the toys and fun items Santa had left them.  The big hit, Ipod touches.

_MG_7235 _MG_7225 _MG_7228 _MG_7231

After we played Angry Birds and raced the remote control cars, we ate our traditional Christmas breakfast, waffles and bacon. Yum!!!  Then it was time to get dressed and drive to Hico to spend the afternoon Jon’s grandmother, mother and brothers.  Here we enjoyed an evening with family eating a wonderful Christmas dinner and opening presents.

_MG_7247 _MG_7250 _MG_7254 _MG_7259

Day after Christmas, the kids and I went to Houston to visit my grandmother.  I really enjoyed seeing her, my Aunt Carolyn and the rest of the family.  I only wish we could have spent more time together.  Love you Memaw!


Final celebration, New Year’s weekend at the Wensel Ranch with my parents.  Jon, the kids and I packed up and drove 4.5 hours to Campwood, TX.  It was a good weekend (would have been perfect but Christian was sick the entire weekend).  Ugh!! This did not make for a fun time for Mommy and Daddy.  Kayla had a blast playing with her older cousins, Zoe and Addison.  I enjoyed seeing my family and driving around with Jon on the four wheeler looking for a deer that had been shot.  I really enjoy my time at the ranch.  Relaxing, quiet and peaceful.

_MG_7393  _MG_7291_MG_7285_MG_7333 _MG_7341 _MG_7344 _MG_7330

What a wonderful and blessed Christmas season.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Today we went to a small local pumpkin patch in Georgetown.  The kids were so excited and ready to pick out the BIGGEST pumpkin they could find. 

We searched over 100+ different pumpkins.

We took pictures. 

_MG_6349   _MG_6359 _MG_6355

We found big ones and small ones.

 IMG_6389 IMG_6390

We took more pictures.


We played bean bag toss game.

 IMG_6386 IMG_6385

We took more pictures.

 _MG_6348 _MG_6347

And finally, the kids found the perfect pumpkins (just their size).

_MG_6403 _MG_6402

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kindergarten begins…

The first day was VERY hectic and VERY wonderful.  First having to get up at 6am…that is a tough one for the Schneider family.  But we did it. I cant believe we made it and had time to take photos before leaving. It was difficult waking my sleeping beauty up, but after a few tickles and kisses she was up and ready to get going.



Whew! Out the door and had time to take a few pictures. 

Off to Meridian World School.  Now, being a new a school and having 110 kindergarteners and their parents (plus all the other kids in 1st-8th), you can guess the chaos and uneasy nerves in the air.  We arrived at 7:55.  At first, I felt like a cow being herded into a pin.  It was CRAZY!! Once we were corralled into the “Common Room” it was all good.  Kayla found her class line and then it was “mommy who?”  She immediately found her friend, Sierra.  The two sat together in line and then started talking to another little girl sitting next to them.  The three girls chatted up a storm as they waited to be walked to their Kindergarten room.  When Ms. Cossey’s class was finally called (30 minutes later), all the children stood and the three girls held hands and walked to class together.  I will admit, I was nervous. Will she meet new friends?  Will she enjoy her new school?  However, after seeing the three little girls smiling and giggling there were no more nerves by mommy…she would be fine.  10 steps in front of the parents and then right into the room. Never once did Kayla look back.  She was gone into the room and into her seat.  No good bye kiss.  Sniff. Sniff.  I wanted to stay around and take pictures, but it was already 8:45 and I knew the staff was ready for ALL the parents to leave so the day could get started.

_MG_6138 DSC_0043[1]

Picking Kayla up was great.  The smile on her face as she ran out of the school was priceless.  A smile of happiness.  As we got into the car, she told me about all the new friends she met, all the fun activities and best of all how much she enjoyed school.  I decided to take the kids for a treat after school..so, I off to McDonald’s with some friends for ice cream.  DELICIOUS!

_MG_6159 _MG_6165 _MG_6177

Two weeks have passed and Kayla is still loving school. Her favorite part of school is of course PE.  The homework is also another part of school that she is enjoying.  It is not like last years homework, practice writing your letters and memorize sight words.  So far this year we have had fun assignments like make up a game with a deck of cards, a scavenger hunt and research a culture.

IMG_6265 IMG_6266

Can you guess what culture we researched?

I am so happy that Kayla is enjoying Kindergarten. Even today she asked if she could stay later for the after school programs .  Wow, she must really like it.  Happy kid, makes for a happy mom!!